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Fun Fall Activities for the Family: Fall Traditions to Start This Year

The best fall time traditions for families with children are all about making memories. Kids need to have a good time, so why not get out and enjoy the beautiful leaves? Go apple picking and take some of those apples home to bake yummy apple pies! There's nothing better than a hot cup of cider while sitting in front of a warm fire. And don't forget to go on a hayride or pumpkin picking too! Here is a complete list of 7 Fall time activities to start doing this year!

Apple picking

Pick the apples at an apple orchard in the fall. Apple picking is a tradition in many families and can be a great exercise for families that want to get outside. A few miles from our home, there's several apple orchards with about 15 different varieties of apples you can pick and enjoy fresh from the tree. Kids have the option to pick their own apples or they can go on a hayride and let someone else do the picking. Most of these places also have other fun Fall activities for the family. We try to go at least once every season but if your kids love it, you can even go several weekends throughout the Fall. Usually there are different varieties apples available as the weeks go on, so you may get to try several types if you go picking more than once.

Bake a pie

If you want to make it really fun, bring some of those fresh picked apples home and bake delicious apple pies! Your kids will love this tradition and it's a great thing to look forward to every year! Don't love apples? That's fine- there are plenty of other Fall-themed pies you can make (Pumpkin, Pecan, Pear). It doesn't need to be fancy. If you need to buy pre-made crust, go for it.  I promise, your kids won't care and it will still taste great! Who knows, you may get more ambitious as the years go on. Just make sure and involve the kids if they're old enough. Remember, It's about making memories and starting traditions!

Pumpkin pie

Going on a hayride

One of the best ways to get in the Fall spirit is a fun hay ride. A good choice for families with children are scenic hayrides, which can often be found at state and national parks, pumpkin patches, farm stands or corn mazes. A quick Google search and I'm sure you can find several places offering hayride this time of year. Kids love it because it's different, and usually they only happen once a year.

Pumpkin Picking

This is a really popular fall activity that you can do with your family every weekend if you get the chance.   There's nothing better than going to pick out fresh pumpkins with the kids then decorate them at home and enjoy all week until Halloween arrives.   Your kids will love getting up close and personal with the pumpkins that are still on the vine. If you're worried about the cost of pumpkins this fall, stop by your local farmer's market and see if they sell any discounted pumpkins. After you've picked out the perfect pumpkin, check out these fun pumpkin decorating ideas for more family fun.  

pumpkin patch

Have a Fall-Themed Dinner or Costume Dinner Party

Get creative at your next family gathering by hosting an autumn themed dinner party or movie night complete with Halloween costumes - everyone will love it!  Here are some ideas to get your started.

Great Autumn / Halloween Dinner Party Ideas:

-Decorate your dining room table to look like a fall wonderland! Start with bright orange napkins and place mats, pile on the fake leaves and pine cones as centerpieces, and serve dinner under twinkling strings of white lights - it's sure to be a festive fall treat!

-Instead of the typical, boring meal, serve up some good old-fashioned comfort foods like roasted chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy. Make your table extra special by placing mini pumpkins or gourds around the dishes on the table for little candleholders.

-For an added treat, serve up some spooky snacks along with your main course such as mini-marshmallows dipped in orange food dye or chocolate chip cookies frosted with creamy Hershey's syrup.

-Once you're all stuffed, try playing a fun game that involves dress-up! Put out pumpkin masks and long black cloaks for your family to wear while acting out skits or doing karaoke style renditions of their favorite songs.

-After a busy dinner, everyone will enjoy watching a classic Halloween movie complete with fall-themed treats like caramel apples and candy corn!

Go on Vacation!

Fall is one of the most popular times for family vacations. Not only is it more affordable than summer vacation prices (usually because it's considered off-season), but you can also visit destinations that are normally super crowded with less stress during this season. Summer time is popular for vacations since kids are home from school, teachers have a few months off, and it's usually just easier for everyone's schedule. However, if you can plan accordingly (during Fall break) or you're okay with your kids missing a few days of school, you can have a really great vacation in the Fall and make it a yearly tradition. A popular destination for kids and families is Disney World, and the crowds are much less of an issue in the Fall. Whether you choose to go to the same place or pick a new destination every year, saving your family vacation for the Fall months is a smart move all around!

Drinking Apple Cider

Not only does drinking apple cider have it's health benefits, such as preventing the common cold which is prevalent in the Fall season, it's also a great family tradition to start! Many apple orchards or pumpkin patches offer apple cider as a treat to purchase while visiting. If you're ambitious enough, you can try making your own cider at home! Use your apples from the orchard and whip up some hot apple cider. Fill up some thermos's and take the family for a fall hike with your freshly made drink. Your kids will look forward to this every year!

apple cider

Go on a Hike

Whether you choose to make your own apple cider to take along, or simply want to get out in the fresh air, taking a Fall hike is such a fun idea and a great tradition to start. Your normal summer hiking trails will take on a completely different look once the leaves start turning colors. Make a game out of it and turn your hike into a scavenger hunt! The kids will have so much fun stretching their legs and minds at the same time. Plus, this gives you a chance to clear your mind and enjoy a walk while the kids are preoccupied with their lists. A win for everyone!

hiking with kids

Jump in the leaves

Finally, get back to the basics and rake up those annoying leaves in the front yard for the whole family to jump in. Yes, you may get a little dirty, but that's part of the fun. As a kid, I remember making "houses" out of leaves with different rooms and hallways- we had hours of fun just making up our own games and creating big shapes in the yard out of the dead leaves. This is a perfect way to get outside as a family and stay away from screen time for a few hours.

Creating traditions and memories is what family is all about. What better time of year to get outside and enjoy some fun activities before the Winter season starts. Hopefully these 7 Fall activities for children and families has given you some inspiration to start your own Fall time traditions. It doesn't have to be hard, but the time you spend together will be priceless.

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August 31, 2021