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Gym Alternatives for Busy Moms: How to skip the gym and work out from home

Being a mom can be a little difficult, especially when it comes to staying in shape. Life is already busy enough and adding something else on top of that might seem like too much work. But the good news is there are tons of great gym alternatives for moms to work out at home! Learn how to skip the gym and work out from home to boost motivation, burn calories, and save money at the same time.

Gym Alternative for Moms

Use your normal daily activities as your workout

Just as you can use house cleaning or playing with your kids to help pass the time, so you can use these activities for a workout. House cleaning is straightforward enough and can be done in a variety of ways. For example, set a timer for yourself and pick up your normal cleaning pace. If you do any activity fast enough, you're sure to raise your heart rate and get the sweat flowing. Heck, I break a sweat just vacuuming!  If you normally take an hour to vacuum and dust your entire house then set the timer for 45 minutes and see how well you do. Cleaning is just one great way to get moving because it requires quick bursts of activity followed by short breaks.  You could also try other normal daily activities such as taking out the trash, walking the dog, cleaning up a spill in the kitchen or running an errand to get your heart pumping. Kick your normal activities into double-time and you can definitely count this as a workout!

Do machine-free aerobic exercise

Running is a great, cheap way to get exercise and really get your heart pumping. Plus, it takes absolutely no extra equipment (except a good pair of shoes). Simply head outside and start going. Obviously, if you are new to the running game you will want to start slow and work your way up. Once the Winter months hit, get creative! Jump rope, climbing stairs, jumping jacks or burpees are a great way to get your heart rate up when you can't go outside.  

Another great option is to look online for body-weight workouts. The idea is that you use a combination of your own body weight and certain cardio movements to exercise; no extra equipment or dumbbells needed. I personally LOVE doing HIIT (high intensity interval training), because it's quick and get the job done! Perfect for busy mom life. YouTube is a great resource for these kinds of workouts!

Mom running for exercise

Create your own at-home gym

If you're serious about working out, or already have a set regimen that you do at the gym, it may be beneficial to invest in your own gym equipment at home. The initial investment will cost you a bit- but if you eliminate the monthly cost of your gym membership, it can pay for itself in no time. It doesn't need to be fancy, but you will need a designated space in your home or garage to keep your equipment and work out. Plus, don't need much to start- there are so many things you can do with a set of dumbbells and a weight bench! You can add more things as you go. Look at online marketplaces for people selling used weight sets and exercise machines. We found a great used Airdyne bike for $75, and a full dumbbell set for $200. That is a steal! Being able to still complete your gym workout, with some modifications, in your own home will not only save you time, but will give you less excuses to "skip the gym"!

at home gym

Play with your kids to get exercise

Kids are known for being active little humans and we all know they're like energizer bunnies when it comes to getting worn out. Take a page from your kid's play book and start joining in the fun to stay active yourself! From playing soccer or baseball in the backyard, tag in the living room, or having relay sprints in the basement, there are tons of activities you can do with your kids to burn some extra calories while spending quality family time together. As a busy mom, I'm all about multitasking. Let's break out of our "adult mode" shell and get moving with our kiddos!

Utilize YouTube videos

YouTube is a great tool for moms who want to get a good workout in from home. There are tons of different workouts, both free and paid, that can be found on the tube. I prefer routines that use body weight exercises, like jumping  jacks, push-ups and squats. These workouts are great for toning and shaping the body, especially the legs.

Some people might be turned off from this idea because it seems less personal than going to a gym or studio with a trainer. However, I like the fact that I can watch as many YouTube videos as I want whenever I want. This enables me to mix up my workout, with different exercises and intensity levels each time.

Mom doing home workout video

Use exercise balls and workout bands

No need for complex home gym equipment – fitness bands and exercise balls can get the job done! There are a wide variety of different resistance bands and workouts you can do with them as well, so no time is wasted doing the same exercises over and over again. Resistance bands are cheap and can be used in a variety of different ways, which is great if you're looking to add some spice to your existing routine or even just starting out. They come in different "weights" or sizes, so you can increase or lower the resistance as needed.  With all of the different workout bands you can get, there's a lot of room for creativity!

YouTube is full of DIY fitness routines for resistance bands and exercise balls.  Some people love to be guided by videos when they workout at home; it's a little more fun than just sitting down and reading about exercises.

Mom gym alternatives: Use an exercise ball

Arrange a mom-walking group

If you live in a neighborhood, arrange to meet other moms at a local park or walking trail and go on walks during the day. It is a fun way to socialize with other moms and get some exercise in. Plus, joining with other moms in the neighborhood gives you some accountability, which we all know is important on those less-motivated days. Time yourselves and set goals- if you completed your normal walking course in 30 minutes last week, shoot for 25 minutes this week. The important thing is to stay consistent. And with all the girl talk, it won't even feel like exercise!

Mom neighborhood walking group

Hire a personal trainer to work out at home

This is a great way to stay motivated and work out at home. Having someone there with you while working out can really help push you that extra mile and it doesn't have to be expensive. There are tons of trainers who will come to your house (especially since you're paying them!). The great thing about personal trainers is they create the workout for you. That means no extra time preparing on your part- you can just show up and work out.

Working out at home is a great way to stay in shape as a busy mom.  If you're looking for some new ideas on how to get fit with minimal time to spare, skipping the gym can help! You may even find yourself having so much fun working out, it becomes one less thing on your daily list of chores! Whatever you choose, make it something you enjoy and can stick with. After all, the key to staying in shape isn't as much what you do, but being consistent with it.

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Gym Alternatives for Busy Moms: How to Skip the Gym and Work Out From Home

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August 20, 2021