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Realistic Morning Routine for Working Moms with Kids: 5 Tips to Make Mornings Less Stressful

The best morning routine can help you get your day off to the right start and ensure that everything is done before you go into work. For working mothers with children, this means developing a morning routine that will allow everyone to get out the door on time. As a mother of two toddlers and another on the way, I have to admit that mornings are not my favorite time of day. Between getting the kids up, showered, dressed and fed there's always something that doesn't go as planned. It usually leads to me feeling frazzled and rushed which is never fun for anyone. Luckily I've developed 5 simple tips for creating morning routine that will give you time for yourself while still getting your family ready for the day ahead.

Prepare the night before

You need to prepare for work and school the night before. This means setting out you and your kids outfits, packing lunches, setting out any supplies you'll need or extra things your children need to take to school or daycare (clean nap blanket, extra pencils, diapers, etc.)  and making sure you have everything on hand that you'll need to get out the door in the morning. Make a list and check it twice!

Lists are a great way to make sure you are ready for the morning and won't forget anything. Let's be honest, us moms have a lot to remember. Between working at our jobs, raising our kids, and trying to maintain the household, we are bound to forget some things. The easiest way to ensure we don't forget anything (and also free up some brain space) is to WRITE IT DOWN! Or keep a list in your phone. Whether you want to carry a little notebook or use an app in your phone, designate a place to record all those extra things you don't want to forget- bring a sack lunch for your child's field trip, more diapers/wipes for daycare, find a toy for show-and-tell..

The key is: Prepare, prepare, prepare! Less to do in the morning means less craziness and less stress.

Check out these free Weekly Planning Printables to help keep your life (and mind) in order!

Weekly planning printables

Get up before your kids

It can be helpful for working mothers with children to wake up before their kids so they can take this time to themselves. Make sure that your children are still asleep when you get up. There's no point in waking them up because they're going to be cranky or overtired . This will only cause problems for everyone.  Yes, this may mean you're getting up at 5:00 am (or earlier), but even having an extra 15-20 minutes in the morning can be the difference between a good and not-so-great day. We all know it's easier to get things done by ourselves (unless your kids are rare breeds that always listen and like to help with everything). Use this time to get breakfast ready, and make sure you have some "mom-time" to yourself before your kids wake up.

Wake up before your kids

Make time for yourself in the morning

Set aside some time to get your own things done. This can be anything from working out, meditating or getting ready for any meetings you have scheduled that day . That way you're not rushing around trying to get everything done and you're not stressing out when trying to get ready for work. Getting up early and having some time by yourself can help you clear your head before the day gets too busy. Use this time to meditate, read or just find a few minutes of quiet time at peace with the morning ahead.

It's also helpful to try getting yourself ready for the day before the rest of the family gets up. Once the chaos ensues, it will be harder to find those 15 minutes to get dressed and put your face on. If you can have yourself ready to go, you can focus on the rest of the family and getting everyone out the door on time.

Plan for morning setbacks

It's part of life that things won't go exactly as planned. There will be unforeseen circumstances and delays in the morning, so you need to prepare for these situations by planning ahead what you'll do if they come up. Set aside 15-20 extra minutes in the morning so that if something holds you up in the morning, you will be ready. If you have small children (or any children for that matter) you know things always take longer than expected. Diaper blow-outs, needing to use to bathroom 8 times before leaving the house, or even putting on shoes can take forever!  Just try to go with the flow and have a little extra time on your side in case you need it.

This is another reason why getting yourself up and ready before your children is an essential part of a stress-free morning. If you are already dressed, have your makeup on and work bag packed, you have more time to focus on the kids and getting everyone out the door on time.

Plan for morning setbacks like dirty diapers

Stick to a routine

The key to transforming your life doesn't lie in the quick fixes. It's not about trying to reach perfection – it's about making a few changes that will positively affect every area of your life, and then committing to them until they become habits. By creating a set morning routine , you'll find yourself waking up with more energy, with a clear mind and renewed determination. Every morning you'll set yourself up for success by following the same easy steps in the same order, ensuring that your day gets off to an amazing start.

This is great for your kids, too. Children thrive on structure and routine. I know it sounds cliché, but it's true. If your kids always know what to expect and what's coming next, it's easier for them to transition from one step to the next and start doing things on their own. Breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, back school bag, etc.  Obviously with younger babies or toddlers, there is still a lot they need help with. But sticking to the same general order of things in the morning (and at bedtime!) can reduce the amount of fussing and resistance in the process.

A morning routine helps you and your family to start your day off on the right foot and have a more productive, less stressful day. If you are working outside of the home with children and find yourself running around without time for yourself in the mornings before work or school, it may be worth investing in a morning routine that will give you some "me-time" while getting everyone ready for their days ahead. It's important to stick to this new schedule as much as possible so that it becomes habitual rather than something temporary. Your morning routine may look different, and that's fine. The important thing is to figure out what works best for your family, then try your best to stick to it!

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August 19, 2021